Widget Variations

Widget Variations allow you to individually style a widget. Choose any available variation at Appearance ??? Widgets ??? Widget Settings

There are 23 variations: title1-7, box1-7; button2-4; flush, flushtop, flushbottom; plus standardcase, uppercase and lowercase.

Note: You can compound multiple variations together such as “title2 standardcase flushbottom“.
  • Title: 7 suffixes that vary the appearance of the widget title.
  • Box: 7 variations to change the background of the widget.
  • Button: 3 color modes for read mores.
  • Standard/Upper/Lower Case: change the case style of the widget title.
  • Flush/FlushTop/FlushBottom: removes the margin/padding around the widget surround.
Note: There are 49 possible stylistic widget variations, combining the title and box suffixes such as box1 title1