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I recommend the directory plugin and the support behind it 110%

I recently purchased the WPLocalPlus Wordpress plugin to help set up a
Directory theme for my local travel/tourist site https://www.herveybayholiday.com. (being moved from www.hervey-bay-holiday.com).
The Directory theme I chose did not work initially with the plugin and so I
thought I would have to load the business directory manually. However, I
contacted the plugins' support team and they were very helpful. Infact they
stood behind there product 100% and actually made changes to the plugin to
ensure it worked with my chosen theme. I recommend the directory plugin and
the support behind it 110%


Nice work guys thanks

The WP Local plugin solved problems for us just as we were about to begin coding something ourselves. When we installed this plugin we looked at each other in the office like wow. We just saved endless hours of work. The website is a sub-blog for a very specific purpose on the www.webtechglobal.co.uk domain and it was our only use for it. Until we got it running and now the ideas are flowing. Nice work guys thanks.

Zara Walsh

Best plugins out there

I have been using the WP Local Plus for about 3 weeks now and find it to be one of the best plugins out there.

It makes it easy to build your site or use it as an add on to your existing site. I have ask for a couple of minor changes and they were taken care of very quick.

Support has been great so far.I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to add reviews to there site.

We made our money back 10 times over

We used the wplocalplus plugin to create our own business directory covering every town in the UK with 4 categories per town. Each page was generated by adding a search phrase, copying a shortcode onto the page then saving. We considered a free directory plug in but if we did that we would have to enter the data in ourselves. Using this plugin meant that our site was fully functional and populated with good data before we offered paid entries. We ran into an issue with the order of manual listings and in less than 12 hours the support team got back to us. Rather than giving us instructions they simply made the changes for us and sent an updated version of the plug in. The after purchase support was much better than expected. We have since used this plug in with a number of other sites and they are all generating additional traffic and revenue. This is an excellent purchase in my opinion and it is very rare that I pay for plugins.

Adam McLoughlin owner @ lovetheweb.co.uk
Love the web lovetheweb.co.uk

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

I searched high and low to find an easy WP Directory Plugin to help me create niche websites. It was futile search until I came across WPLOCALPLUS and then there was no looking back! US CANADA & International Version ALL in ONE.. WOW!
It is an extremely flexible and versatile tool which installs without any fuss or hard work on your WordPress installations and then can be turn your website into a full sized yellow page directory!
As for the customer service and after sales support.. it is PAR EXCELLENCE! The support staff although working in India Time Zone are very quick to respond and provide solution without delay! I love them! I have never across such an eager enthusiastic team of experts ready to help you in whatever they can
TOP Product Best Service! What else can you ask for?
Buy WPLOCALPLUS Developers Version and give it a spin.. I bet you won't regret it!

R Nanavati - creator of niche online websites

Rick Crombie

I have used WPLocal Plus as my chosen directory plug-in as an addition for my Dayton Business Reviews site.

I liked the ease of setting it up and using it and what it offers my customers that my competition does not have.

As far as customer service, it is top notch and it has been a pleasure to work with offering above an beyond customer service and quick response times, which I truly appreciate.

If you are on the fence about WPLocal Plus, it's time to get off and take advantage of this opportunity for your business.

Thank you,

Rick Crombie


Rick Crombie