SEO strategy for Local Business Directory Sites

Today, there is an intensifying need to have an online address of your business along with an offline one. This is because; the masses today are going digital. They first check out your business profile/products/services online and then depending on their experience online, they decide whether you are different and better than others in the market. So, you surely don’t want to let them have an average impression about you when they knock your door.

This rule applies to every site, whether it is a general business website or a business directory. Infact, directory/business listing websites should be more attentive and disciplined as they have a responsibility of the businesses listed on them as well. The business directory websites has to be accurate and complete fulfilling all the expectations of the users of their questions be answered in no time.
While drafting a seo strategy, list down various important points on which decision is to be surrounded. An effective and highly preferred listing site would have every category of information with a smooth interface and navigation. Some tips for a high ranking and genuine looking directory sites are as below:

1. Verified Business address
This is the basic requirement from any business to be mentioned on the listing site. The popular sites like burrp, google plus and tripadvisor ask for a complete verified business address. It’s easy to fake anything, hence verify the business by giving a call back to the business number. Detailed address and number would make your site look reliable, one stop shop to the visitors.

2. Business photos
Images speak a lot. As soon as a user logs into a directory site, they hunt for pictures to check out the location, ambience, products and services. Quality photos give you an edge over others.

3. Provide reviews
Let the users who have already been a part of the business write a feedback on your site. This helps the potential users to make a decision and know about the business.

4. Rich snippets
A short and captivating description of the business is always a yes. People want more information in least number of words.

5. Provide a reason why they’re listed
If you cannot explain a person of your forte interest that why have your listed a particular product or business, do not list it. Do not add business just for the sake of it.

6. Don’t offer link juice or gimmicks
Offer listings on a website where actually people who are really interested in your topic read, use and enjoy. If you start walking the path of selling links for seo value, you will lead nowhere.

Google does consider the business listing an important criterion for a business rank on its search engine. The higher the number of positive reviews on the directory about your product/service, the better it is. Including relevant keywords in the description and wherever required on the site, back links you get from directories, photos and many other factors that are to be taken care of while strategizing a seo plan for Listing websites.

So, if you think your directory needs refurbishment, get going.