How to make money with local business directories?

It’s no longer a secret. Business directories websites have grown in a spectacular fashion and due to a good reason. It makes good sense to maintain and develop such a website for their earning potential, while at the same time listed businesses gain by advertising on these local business directories. However, only some of them are able to monetize their business directory websites. There are ways to make money by providing free advertising on business directories.

Creating an effective business directory website

Growth of business directory websites has been accelerated by Google, which has promoted local businesses by creating awareness through their tool called ‘Google Places’. To effectively monetize a local directory, website owners must keep a few salient points in mind.

The first important factor for success of business directories is finding a niche. It has been seen that in the name of local directory, websites provide all kinds of information, most of which is irrelevant. As a result they have few business visitors and none prefer to advertise on them. Finding a niche is therefore critical.

The second factor to be kept in mind is to develop a suitable strategy for monetization. Providing free advertising on business directories is one of them. By improving the number of visitors to a site and generating enquiries for listed businesses, patrons can be encouraged and compelled to pay for featured listing on the site. Perhaps, owners of local business directories have to be patient and wait for their site to be productive.

By providing access to rich and powerful business listings one can enhance user experience and pave way for high volume of visitors. This in turn would give an impetus to phenomenal growth of business directory website. The opportunities to make money through business directories are fantastic if the approach is proper.

Another false assumption made by site owners of local business directory is that creating a listing is enough for visitors to pour in. Nothing can be far from the truth. Research and numerous studies have shown that only those business directories flourish which provide detailed and exhaustive information. User reviews, Google map integration, email marketing and promotion through local media are factors which directly affect popularity of a directory.

Business directory websites will grow and create monetizing opportunities only if site owners understand the value of information. The primary and fundamental purpose of a business directory is to provide timely and thorough information. More detailed the knowledgebase of local businesses, more the chances of a directory succeeding.

It is obvious that information which a business directory must provide through their website cannot be handled manually. It is recommended that the entire business process be automated with the use of a software tool. WordPress users can utilize highly effective business directory plugin to enhance their website productivity. Paid local business directory WordPress plugins can transform an ordinary site into a money spinning opportunity. The cost of such WordPress plugin can be easily recovered by website owners within a few days.


You can make money through local business directories if you provide value to customers. This can be achieved by offering detailed information, exhaustive reviews of businesses and incisive feedback from users of these directories.