How to Get the Most out Of WPLocalPlus – Part 1

Here’s how you can use WPLocalPlus – a WordPress directory plugin which enables you to set up a local offline business model offering phenomenal results. Bear in mind that this business model is a “not so traditional” local offline marketing.

The WPLocalPLus Profit Plan is a system that could be a quick money earner for you or something that you can scale up into a full-fledged business. The core concept of this profit plan is to sell online advertising on a high ranking local niche directory while also monetizing the various page elements.

1. Gather the data

After you install WordPress and set up WPLocalPlus plugin with the right set of keywords, it will dynamically generate content for the approrpiate business listings. Businesses that are not anymore functional will not be part of the listing source, hence you’ll have a constantly updated directory.
To improve user experience, you can pull and display reviews from actual customers about these businesses too. To top it all, you can display a live Google Maps integrated fully to show where the businesses are located on the live map, above the listings.

If a particular business has discounts or coupons on offer, they will show up on your site too.

2. Choose a money niche

A money niche is a niche market with high $ value transaction of the profit per sale. High dollar niche industries include professions that achieve $500 or more per sale. They include dentists,medical specialists, financial planners, realtors,mortgage brokers and likewise.

Then there are niches within niches and they are the ones that will help you in making a fortune. E.g. “Legal services” is in itself is a niche. Within that niche you have “paralegal, “family lawyer”, “corporate lawyers” and many more. Once you start working in a particular niche, you can approach these businesses and put up their ads on your website.

When you have one lawyer, it becomes easier for you to approach the competitors, lawyers from the nearby cities. This way, soon you have a whole network of lawyers. Dig in to these niches and find out which one works for you.

3.Locate “Semi relevant” localbrand CPA offers

Add some the recognizable CPA offers to the site as featured advertisers. Psychology has a role to play here – if you put the localbrand CPA offers in the directory as paid advertisers, it gives the feel that the big players are also present. This lends credibility to your site.

4.Build your site

The most important segment is creating the site. Get the correct domain name – ideally it should be an exact match for whatever you are trying to rank your site for.

Local keywords can give you huge page views but they might not come up in the keyword research tools. Hence it is better to use your commonsense while choosing the exact match keywords. E.g. For “dallas mortgage” you can use certain combinations of the phrase and check which has high ranking in Google. You might come up with “mortage in dallas” as the result. You can then use the keyword “mortagageindallas” in the keyword checker in and can find the domain which is available for use.

Keep the site clean and simple and display the content properly. Needless to add, you need to ensure your site looks professional.

The next step is to add content to your site. You can get dynamic updated business listings content with WPLocalPlus. You can use Google XML Sitemaps to create sitemap for the posts and pages of your blog so that Google can crawl through your site easily.

5.Basic SEO Strategy

With the help of different methods like using WPLocalPlus you can fill your website with appropriate content. You can also place 5-10 keyword-optimized articles on your blog.

More to follow in Part 2 of this blog.