Google Places for Business vs Google+ Local

Google Places for Business vs Google+ Local

There is much uncertainty between Google Places and Google+ local. Both are online products of Google providing enlarged online presence and increased engagement. Which one is valuable for a business- either of them, both, or none? Let us find it out!

Google places is where your business details are listed on the search engine. When you make an account here, you can control what information and details are to be displayed on Google. You can add description, images, videos and contact information on your business page. This will ensure that all those who search for your business get first hand accurate information without having to put extra efforts to find separate details. Your business is seen on Google Maps, people find it easier to locate you then. Whether your business is small or grand, it is paramount to be listed on Google Maps because this is where people will initially search for you. If at all you want to change any information that you have provided you can change it anytime on your Google Places dashboard. This way you have full control over what is being shown in the search engine about your brand.




At Google+ local, you can have communities and circles with people of similar interests. You share your views, opinions, outlook and build a brand image on your business page. This gives your members, users, clients and customers better knowledge about you. They judge you on your posts and the content in your posts. This makes Google+ local a brilliant platform to connect with people around the world. You can post images of your business, give out important information, videos and keep charming as many people as possible. Also visibility on Google+ local gives you an upper hand on SERP increasing your chances of reaching the highest number of populace.

As you see, both, Google Places and Google+ local have their own brighter sides. However, when brought together they work wonders. If you have a Google Places account, link it to your Google+ local account to enjoy the widespread results of both at the same time. With this, you gain leverage over the search engine results of your brand. It becomes easy for your followers or the ones searching for you to locate you among the millions and billions of businesses and brands around the web. When someone searches for your business what is visible to them is your ranking, the comments people have left about your brand, your location along with essential information on the right side of their page. This reduces their effort to chase you and brings you closer to them in just a click.

Even though this may seem to be a dull task to do, it proves to be extremely efficient for your business. It reduces your effort of managing two separate accounts after linking both together. This may seem effort ful at first but with time, as you get accustomed to this activity, you will get accustomed to popularity too!