Google+ Communities for Business

It is unknown to none that Google+ is a brainchild of Google. Being a part of Google, it is more or less parallel to Google. So disregarding Google+ is like disregarding Google itself. For all those who think Google+ is a remote product of Google where no great deal of traction can be generated, have to get their facts right because today there are about 1 billion people on Google out of which there are 540 million active users on Google+. Ain’t that enough for a business to pull attention?


The most distinguishing feature of Google+ is its communities. This feature makes it divergent from the other social networks. Small to mid level businesses can benefit the most from it. Communities here are like your social circles where you meet, interact, and bond with people with similar interests. You can create as many communities as you want and connect with more and more people on your business page. There is no restraint to it. However, only making a community does not fetch you tons of followers. To make that happen you have to keep posting regularly and in a fascinating fashion. The more your posts appeal the people the more +1 you get. With a high number of +1s and interactions on your post, you stand higher chances to increase your SEO. Not only this, your Google+ communities can dig for you a grand place in Google Search, which even your website won’t be able to do. Now this is one eye-catching, heart-pounding characteristic. For this, in each and every post that you make, use hashtags so that they can be easily found when searched for. Even if you forget to mention a hashtag, don’t worry, Google will automatically put it against the popular keywords. Just make sure you have a good list of keywords in your content, that way you can be easily hunted.

To increase your number of +1, add influential people to your circle. Push your followers to respond, share and comment on your posts and to do this you go on their page and interact on their posts. This creates a sense of cohesiveness and your members feel you are one of them. It will also help you convert your prospective clients into actual clients. You can then cheer reviews from your customers, which will increase you ranking in the local search carousel. This will make it easy for people to connect with you and follow you. The more active you are the more beneficial this gets for you and your business.

Just like other social media platforms, you should be able to use Google+ communities thoroughly to get the best out of it for your business. Aptly invest your time and energy on this network because it seems to be quite an influence over millions of potential customers. To gather it all, be lively, dynamic, and leading, to expand your circle and get an elevated footfall.