5 Free Web Resouces from DealFuel that will convert your Website into a Webtraffic Magnet

What is a perfect website? The one with eyecandy images, the one with mindblowing content or the one with excellent SEO? The answer is none of the above. A perfect website is balance of hi-resolution images, good content and excellent marketing. But building a perfect website does not necessarily have to be a costly affair. Unbelievable? Check out these awesome free web resources from DealFuel for yourselves.

1. 20 Hi- Resolution Stock Photos

The quality of your photos can make or break or break your website design. Vistors on your website make snap judgements about your credibility, based on what they see first, images in most cases. Therefore, it is important to set the right tone by using high quality stock photos. Remember, Images speak louder than words.


Download them here


2. Content Creation for Search Engines Guide

Content is the King. It is your content that helps you rank among the few on the first page results of search engines like Google. Here is an awesome free web resource in form of a guide by Glenn Murray. It will help you in creating content that will convince Google that your website is good.


Download it here

3. SEO Planning Template

SEO planning can be a tedious for non technical people to understand and implement, but here is this simple SEO planning template that makes learning SEO a cakewalk and it is available as a free web resource, what more do you need?!



Download it here


4. Course on WordPress Essentials for Business

A website serves more purpose than just giving information about your company. It can generate leads and sales for your company. Here is a quick free course that covers almost all of the WordPress interface.


Download it here

5. 59 Web Marketing Toolkit

Marketing your business online can help you reap temendous rewards. This ultimate toolkit of web marketing will help in defining and implementing your online marketing goals effectively. Get your hands on this amazing free web resource now!


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