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WP Local Plus is a completely automated, turn-key WordPress plugin that will allow you automatically create content packed, dynamic local business directories complete with dynamic business reviews, business listings, coupon offers and Google Maps integration, and much more, right from within your WordPress blog. No other WordPress plugin does what WP Local plus does. Dynamic Local Business Content For Your Blog. Create an auto-blog instantly
  • Wp Local Plus gives you access to rich, local business listings to enhance your existing user experience on your blogs or gives you the ability to create new local web directory sites.
  • It’s simple to use, yet powerful components will allow you to add a powerful local business search functionality to your current blogs and add other “high value” content such as business reviews and deals.
  • This plugin will allow your visitors to get detailed information about business listings including location, website, reviews, maps and more right within the blog.
  • Easy display profiles of businesses using information from WP Local Plus’s dynamic self updating system, which contain more than 18 million business listings.
  • Full Google Maps Integration. Show business search results as places on a map, with full Google maps functionality and the ability for the visitor to expand the search or access full details of a given place.
  • High Powered Search Tool. Wp Local Plus’s local business and offer search lets you show your users the most relevant local results possible.
  • Enhanced Content. Enhance your blog or local directory with more than just business listing by also including local deals and discounts offered by the business owners themselves. All of this information is streamed automatically to you blog for you visitors to enjoy.
  • Built In Contextual Text Ad System. Turn any keyword you choose into a “hot word” that shows a contextual in text ad, whenever the visitor hovers their mouse over the selected word.
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How To Build a Niche Website


What is a niche website?

A website focused on a specific topic is called a niche website. All content on this website adheres strictly to one chosen topic. Creating a “niche” is basically creating content that exclusively covers only a certain area. Niche websites can be great money spinners! Once you are able to provide exclusive content and expertise on a specific topic, your website traffic is bound to increase tenfold; your website may even become somewhat of an authority on the subject.   So if you want to know how to build a niche website, read on…
micro-niche-websites2 You may wonder how to identify a niche for your website…it’s really quite simple. Make your topic as specific as possible. For example, if you’re writing about history, choose a specific country, and within that chose a specific you get the gist. Get as specific as possible. Secondly, if you’re going to create content by yourself, choose something you are deeply passionate about. You can explore the depths of the topic and write about it for a long period of time. So now that you have content, how can you organize it? What should your content strategy be?
  1.  Find the main keyword: Once you have chosen a topic, find the main keyword. This main keyword will become a part of the identity of your topic; it must then be included in all your content.
  2. Find related keywords: Find other keywords and use them throughout your text. You can find these words using various sources such as AdSense etc. They’re easily available online. These keywords and tags will help your post get higher ranks in searches and increase traffic. SEO will ensure your post is found by readers and improve your rank and traffic.
  3. Structure Content: Build a good structure for your content. Decide the frequency of your posts and strategies carefully to design the content of your posts. Use attractive content, such as reviews of popular items in your niche, tutorials and top 10 lists.
  4. You may outsource your content: Ensure the people you hire are experts in the topic.
  5. Social Media Marketing: Marketing your website is extremely crucial. There are numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc. Make sure you reach out to as many people as possible via these mediums by promoting and featuring your website.
  6. Offer to write guest posts on other popular blogs: Popular blogs often feature guest posts. Find one close to your niche and write a guest post and provide links to your website.
  After reading this you might think of building your own site, So let me help you further. For building a niche site quickly and easily you should use WPLocalPlus Plugin, it will make your life easy. Once you have decided your niche use this plugin to collect relevant data for your site.   For example if your blog is about food from various restaurants in your area you can set-up WplocalPlus this will help you list all the local restaurant on your site. This will help your visitors and they would simply like your  blog.   Lets have a look at another example: Suppose you have blog which offers information on plumbing services then WPLocalplus will help you list all the plumbers in your city on your site. Isn’t it easy? Now that you have learned how to build a niche site, you can go ahead and start building your own.
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Client Testimonial

I have been looking for a wordpress based business director builder for some time now. WP Local Plus has,by far, they best I've seen on the market. I was able to set my site up in about 15 minutes and it has been 'profitable since day one.

- Rebecca Angelos, Wp Local Plus Client

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